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Document Image Processing

Astec Images brings a flexible approach to both the scanning and the image display capabilitiies of a document mangement solution. You may choose from either our standard scanning modules or allow us to customise an existing module using the very latest RAD technology to meet your specific needs. Whatever your choice, Astec provides the following functionality:

  • Powerful viewing capabilities to enable both straighforward documents or complex drawings to be viewed on a standard PC.
  • May be used either as a freestanding module or can be fully integrated with other Astec products, or you existing applications to deliver even more functionaility.
  • Despite stretching the limits of technology, we pride oursleces on adhering to international standards throughout the deliver of our products in order to protect your investment.
  • Common with all Astec products your documents also form part of a single database whcih can be searched and retrieved regardless of whether stored on hard disc or many platters of optical disks.
  • Can be integrated with our workflow engine to be used to process documents electronically within your organisation.